Create Table Joins

Updating and creating table joins is easy.
Restaurants can be flexible with their table capacities; sometimes you will need to join two or more tables together to accommodate for a larger group size. 
We recognise that linking tables together is important for your reservations and have allowed for this in your ResDiary system.
It is important to create all the possible tables joins that your restaurant is capable of in your diary.

Below are the steps to create these joins:
There are three different ways to add a table join. The first of these is the most commonly used.

1. Click Settings in the top right hand side of your diary

2. Select Joined Tables from the list on the left hand side under 'Table Management'

3. Add the tables you would like to join together in the field at the top of the page. The diary will automatically generate the available capacity in the box to the right. If you would like to override this capacity you can do so by adding a new group size in the box. Once these two fields have been completed click the "Add New Chain" Button

4. Below you will see a list of buttons; in the below example there are boxes with the numbers 4, 6, 10 and 15 available. By clicking on the button for "4" you are choosing to view all the available joins for groups of 4. If you would like to amend that group size you can do so by changing the capacity in the box to the right and clicking Save Sizes & Order at the bottom. 
You also have the option to rank your joins from this window. In this example below the chain for 1,2 is ranked higher than 2,3 as it sits above it.
By dragging 2,3 above 1,2 and clicking Save Sizes & Order this will save the ranking.

View existing chains by capacity
Alternatively there is a short cut method that you can use if you are trying to add joins directly from the diary. Please see the steps below;
1. By clicking on the tool button on the diary and selecting "Join Tables" you should be taken to the short cut window. 

2. Here you can select which tables you would like to join from the drop down menu and manually input the capacity in the box. Once completed click "Complete"

Along with that you do also have the option to add a join during the booking process. This is a last resort option for when you are in the middle of a booking and you find a join that has not yet been added to the diary that you would like to book straight away.
Please see below steps;

1. Select the Book Button

​2. You will find that once you have input all the booking information it should give you the option of certain available tables and joins. Next to the available tables is a button with an icon of a chain. By clicking that button you are giving yourself a short cut to instantly add a new table join. 
Please note that you cannot adjust existing joins through this feature




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