Setting up a Promotion


Setting up a Promotion
You can promote special events, menus and terms and conditions through ResDiary and have these reflected on Dimmi and your widget. 

The steps to build these promotions are below;

1. You'll need to go to the promote section of the diary in the top right hand corner:

2. From there you will see a link to head to Promotions at the bottom left hand side

3. Once in Promotions, on the top right you will see a blue button called "Create a Promotion"

4. Info
In this page there are a few very important steps that need to be completed;
a. The name is what you would like to advertise the Name of the promotion as. eg. Melbourne Cup Set Menu Lunch $49 per person (may only be a maximum of 50 characters). 
b. Make sure not to complete the full price section as this does not apply to ResDiary Australia customers.
c. The description is where you can describe the promotion to your diners (you cannot include links here unfortunately they will not work).
d. Advertisement Date - the date period you would like it advertised from (not the dates that it is bookable for).
e. Number of People - You can change this so it is limited to Max x amount of people or Min x amount of people if that is required. Otherwise, leave this blank.
f. Total Availability - If you would only like to sell x amount of covers for this specific promotion you can set it up here. eg. promotion is available for 50 covers per day. 
g. Merchandise in Consumer Portals - If you would like this promotion advertised across Dimmi and on your booking gadget change this to yes. In some cases you may not want it advertised but you would like it to show up when that particular time slot has been selected; that is when you select no. 

5. Areas 
This is where you choose which sections of the restaurant the promotion is bookable for. If it is an available option but A la Carte is still available too all you need to select is "Available". If the promotion is a forced promotion (the only option) then you will need to select "Required". eg. Fathers Day Set Menus are forced promotions and therefore are set up as "Required".

6. Channels
If you would like the promotion to be bookable online you will need to select "Global + Reseller 3rd Party". If for whatever reason you would like it to not be bookable on certain channels (eg your homepage) you can turn that off from here).

7. Validity
Click on Create a Validity Period.

8. This is where you add the dates and times that the promotion will be bookable for. You will need to add the date that the event starts and the date that the event ends. You will also need to add the times (in 24 hour time) and the days that it is bookable on. Once that is done click Add. (You can add more than one validity period if you would like).

These are all the steps to add a promotion; please note that it takes overnight to update for online bookings. However if you would like something pushed through urgently please call us on 1300 337 761. 

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