Adjust Average Dining Duration

Adjust Average Dining Duration

In your diary, you have the option to adjust the average duration of your reservations by either group size, time of day, day of the week, or a specific date. 

To make these changes please follow the steps below:

1. Select Settings (top right of the diary)

2. Select Services from the menu

3. Select the Edit Box for the service you want to amend

4. Select Average Time Rules

5. Select Add

6. In this section, you are given a number of options on how to adjust the rules for a duration. You can adjust the duration by group size, day of the week, a specific date range, or a specific time of day (please be aware of the service you are amending when choosing this option). You can also use multiple options at once.

i. If you would like to specify an average time by group size, you will need to enter a minimum group size (including from and to) the section "Covers".
  • Eg; groups from 5 to 8 could have an extended dining period of XX minutes to accommodate numbers.
ii. If you would like to specify an average time by date range, you will need to use the section "Applicable On". Input the date range and apply whichever days you would like it to occur on.
  • Eg; from the 20th of Nov to the 10th of Jan, all bookings on Fridays and Saturdays could have a duration of XX minutes - OR - Sunday lunches for the foreseeable future could have a duration of XX amount of minutes.
iii. If you would like to specify an average time by time of da, you will need to use the section "Times". Input the time range that you would like to amend the duration for.
  • Eg; from 7pm to 8pm you could create a shortened duration to accommodate a late sitting.
Once the above criteria has been selected, add the Average Time in the red highlighted box in MINUTES.
  • Eg; 2 and a half hours = 150 minutes. Input only the numerals = 150
Once completed, remember to Save.

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