Creating a Periodic or Manual Close Out


Creating a Close Out
In the case that you don't want bookings made either internally or online (or both) you can create a "close out". Close outs allow you to manage availability in your calendar in regards to days of the week, time of day or even area of your restaurant. 
To create a close out follow the instructions below. 

a. Click Setting in the top right hand corner

b. Click Close Outs from the list on the left

c. Click Add New Period 

1. Choose a name for your Close-out.

2. Choose an internal description, i.e what you want your staff to read about the Close-out.

3. Choose a message to your customers to explain why a booking can not be made.

4. Choose between manual and periodic. If you choose periodic, you will be asked to enter what dates you want the close-out to be valid, and to select at least one day of the week for the close-out to apply. Here you also choose if you want your close out to apply to internal bookings only, online bookings only or both. Then choose a color from the wheel that appears when you click on the color square. 

5. Choose what times you want the close-out to apply to, and what area of your venue or "all" to cover the whole venue. 

6. Click "Add".

7a. Your close-out will appear half way down on the next page.
7b. Match the color of your close-out to the color on the calendar to confirm what dates you have chosen to apply the close-out. 

8a. To apply a manual close out, click on the colored square next to the description, and then click on your preferred date.
8b. Your preffered date will appear in the same color as the close-out you have chosen. 

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