Creating Pop Up Messages within the Diary - ResDiary Users

Having a message pop up in your Diary can be a great way to remind your staff about special events and rules that apply to a certain day or period. To add a message, follow these simple steps. 

Go to the “Settings” option in the top right hand corner of your diary:

Choose the “Messages” option:

Click “Create New”, and type in; 

a) Your subject name
b) Your message for your staff
c) In the Area, choose any
d) Your start date and your end date (if the message is for one day only these will be set as the same date).
e) Tick the box “alert during booking process”.
f) Then click “Save”

Go back to the grid view of you diary and go the/one of the selected days, and you message will 
appear as a banner across the top of your screen:

After closing the message you can view it again by clicking on the flag symbol in the top left hand corner of your diary:

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