Creating a Single Day / Service Close Out - Shortcut - ResDiary Users

In the case that you do not want bookings made either internally or online (or both), you can create a “close out”.
Close outs allow you to manage availability in your calendar in regards to days of the week, time of the day or even the area of your restaurant.
The preferred method to create a one-time close out:

1. Click on the “Close out” button.
2. Select either:
(a) To close a full session: Select the box next to a session.
(b) To close an area for the day: Select the box next to an area.
(c) To close an area for a session: Select an area within a session.

3. Enter a reason for the close out.

4. Ensure you click on “Save Changes” to finalise the close out.
NOTE: For Close Outs that cover a long period of time or recurring days please check this link here .


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