Customise your Dimmi Widget via your Dimmi Dashboard

New Widget

Scaleable to many sizes
The new widget has been designed to look great on a large desktop screen, as well as on smaller mobile devices. You can customise the size of the widget yourself directly from your Dimmi Dashboard. If you don't know how to access your Restaurant Dashboard please contact support on

Easy customisation
The easy styles editor allows you to customise your booking widget colours, immediately preview the look, and apply.

There is also the capability to modify the header and footer of the widget - with either a custom image, or custom HTML. Keep in mind that if you have access to a web developer you may also specify your own custom CSS, to modify any visual aspect of the widget.

Further Configurations
There are some further configuration options - starting with either the calendar or the special section open first, and also the option to display the restaurant terms and conditions as a ‘splash screen’ which the user must accept in order to proceed to book.

From the image above you can see that you can amend the configurations to allow for the specials to pop up as the first step or the calendar. As a default the calendar will pop up but if you would like to make your specials stand out you may want to adjust these settings to suit you better.

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