Adjust Booking Status on your Dimmi Dashboard

Cancel or No Show a Booking via your Dimmi Dashboard
All amendments to reservations must be complete before the 10th of each month to ensure billing accuracy.  
i.e All amendments for February’s bookings must be completed by the 10th March.
1. To amend a booking the first step is to click on the ‘booking report’ section of your Dimmi Dashboard. To learn how to log into your Dimmi dashboard please click here.

2. Then select the month you would like to amend your bookings for. The dashboard will automatically open on the current month.

3. Once you have selected the appropriate month you will see the list of bookings you have taken during that month, including the reference number, the name and the date and time of the booking.

Simply click on the “Attended” drop down and select either “Cancelled” or “No Show.”

Doing this will highlight that you have changed a booking and automatically place the number of actual covers to 0 and the no shows to the total amount of people who were booked in.

Correcting a Diners actual covers.
In the event that a diner who originally booked for 6 people actually turned up with 4, you may simply change this in the ‘actual covers’ section. By placing the correct amount of people who turned up to the booking, the dashboard will automatically filter in the left over number into the no show area.

Once this is done, simply click the save button either on the top or the bottom of the list. Doing this will send a cancellation email to bookings you have cancelled and will finalise the actual covers for each of the bookings ensuring accuracy in your month billing.


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