Create a Table Plan

Table Plan Editor – How to

Please note, to use the ResDiary Plus app you will need to have first created a table plan via your desktop computer / laptop.
  1. Steps to setup your Floor plan:
        Click on Settings> Table Plan Editor>

2. To the right please select the below options to select the table you wish to use and the size / shape of the table that you need.

3. Once you have selected the right table size & shape click ‘Add Table’ and place it on the adjacent floor plan. Drag the table as required and double click off the table to place it on the floor plan. 
To remove a table or item you can click on it to highlight it and select ‘Remove from view’
Always remember to save changes regularly.

4. Once you have furnished the floor plan as desired you can dress the room with various other details such as dividing walls, bars, pillars, doors and whatever other features you might need.

5. Please remember to click ‘Save changes’ regularly so that you do not lose any of your work when you exit the Table Plan Editor.

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